Surface Contamination



Surface Contamination

  • Experts at Inv2Vis understand the nature of contamination and work with you to determine the best tools and processes to identify, remediate and prevent future contamination. We frequently recommend wave alternating UV systems and environmentally-friendly technologies when developing effective quality control procedures and to ensure needed safeguards are in place. 
  • Provides real-time visualization of fluorescing bacteria, biofilm, and mold on surfaces.
  • Illuminates the entire surface and identifies the exact location of surface bacteria, biofilm, and mold.
  • Differentiates between early and latter stage biofilm and residue.
  • Identifies areas for ATP/micro-testing, improving the sample recovery of pathogens, increasing accuracy, and reducing overall sampling costs.
  • Demonstrates where bacteria have been left behind after cleaning.
  • Isolates biofilms immediately so you can identify the most effective cleaning agents and methods to protect health and safety.
  • Offers fluorescence image guidance to help identify the potential root cause for inadequate cleaning or contaminations.
  • Validates the effectiveness of cleaning standards of operations and identifies environmental contamination hazards and risks.


Surface contamination takes many forms. Inv2Vis understands that sampling and detection are just the first steps in determining a plan of action. Inv2Vis will work with you to resolve your contamination issues and help ensure protection from future contamination.

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