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Invisible to Visible Disruptive Technologies

Products and services that identify, remove and prevent contamination

Invisible to Visible Disruptive Technologies, or Inv2Vis, is a small, responsive company. We have knowledge and expertise that will help you prevent, identify, and mitigate bacterial contamination. We can assist you in selecting the right tools to make the invisible visible for your work environment. From start to finish, from assessment of your processing systems to resolution of existing contamination issues, Inv2Vis is committed to your success.

  • Knowledge
    • Contamination and Infection prevention and control
    • Understanding the requirements of regulatory bodiesĀ 
    • Biofilm/Biofluorescence technologies
  • Skills
    • Expertise in a variety of industries
      • We deliver customized solutions 
  • Experience
    • Breweries
    • Health clinics
    • Cosmetics manufacturing
    • Farming

“We are your partner in
contamination prevention and

Brent Lloyd, President
Invisible to Visible
Disruptive Technologies

Making invisible contamination visible

We are experts in our field

Contamination control
Compliance support
Innovative solutions

We will be your partner in controlling the existence, growth and proliferation of contamination.

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Invisible to Visible Disruptive Technologies, LLC

Committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of people and the planet by making invisible contamination visible.


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